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JBL Party Box 310 in Uganda

JBL Party Box 310 in Uganda Now at 2,150,000

  • Powerful JBL Pro Sound

Around the block or across the beach, make your party heard with 240 watts of big JBL Pro Sound. Sing, rap, strum — then turn up the bass and watch the dance floor come alive. JBL Party Box 310 in Uganda

  • Keep the party going 

Go from the opening act till way past sunrise with 18 hours of music-blasting battery life. Want to party longer? Just plug the JBL Party Box 310 into an outlet and dance the weekend away.

  • Product Description

Incredible JBL Sound with a Dazzling Light Show

Huge sound, dazzling lights, and unbelievable power set this speaker apart from the crowd. The JBL Party Box 310 packs a full party into a transportable, splashproof sound machine like no other. Turn up your favorite playlists anywhere, from get-togethers at home to dance parties on the beach. Bring big party vibes with 240 watts of JBL Pro Sound and a synced light show that grooves to the beat. Plugin and keep the fun going all night or wheel over to the campfire and take advantage of its impressive 18-hour battery life. Start a party with the JBL Party Box 310.

  • Battery JBL Party Box 310 in Uganda

Charge time <3.5 hrs to full capacity

Battery play time <18 hrs

* 18 hrs battery playtime is only a reference and may vary depending on music content and battery aging after numerous charging and discharging cycles. It’s achievable with a predefined music source, the light show switched off, volume level at 18, and Bluetooth streaming source.

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